10 ways not to be an April Fool with your electronics devices

aprilIt’s April 1, and you know what that means: Pranks abound, especially on the Interwebs. But this story is not a joke: These suggestions from our editors tell you how to be the opposite of a fool with your favorite devices.

Don’t let your kids use Web-connected devices unchecked. Parents need to make sure the proper settings and parental controls are in place for tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, and computers, to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content—or making unwise purchases.

It’s fine to leave your laptop connected to its charger at home. The smart charger will prevent overcharging, and the laptop’s processor will run faster when it’s connected.

Reboot your smart phone. They’re actual computers and need to be restarted every few days to purge memory reserved by programs no longer running and to fix glitches that can hinder performance.  More