5 questions about Windows 10 everyone is asking

windows-10Since Windows 10 arrived last week, you’ve sent in a flood of questions about how it works, what it can do and what it can’t do. We’ve gone through the list and come up with top five most-asked ones, and we’ll be answering them today.

Don’t forget that we’ve also covered Windows 10 extensively in other Tips, from how the upgrade process works to instructions on how to use some of the new features. So if you don’t see your question here, we might already have answered it in one of the other articles. And now, on to the questions.

1. Do I really have to pay to play solitaire in Windows 10?

When Microsoft dropped the classic game Solitaire from Windows 8, it made a lot of people upset. Sure, you could download it for free from the Microsoft Store, but it just seemed wrong not to have it already installed.

So, there was a lot of rejoicing when the news came that Solitaire was back by default for Windows 10. Since it’s the full Microsoft Solitaire Collection, it also brings back Freecell and Spider Solitaire, adds daily challenges where you can win virtual “coins,” has online leaderboards and more.  More