5 ways to stop wasting printer ink and money

inkPrinter ink can range from $13 to $75 an ounce. To bring that home, you could buy more than 2,000 gallons of gas for the cost of a gallon of ink.

With that in mind, I’m betting you’ll cringe when I tell you that your printer wastes ink every day – I know I don’t like to think about it. Here’s how that waste happens:

  1. Very small amounts of ink evaporate inside the cartridge and through the print heads
  2. Some ink sticks to the cartridge and will never find its way to paper
  3. Most ink loss happens when your printer automatically performs maintenance on the print heads

You can hear this maintenance happening whenever you turn on your printer. That loud sound is your printer shooting tiny jets of ink through the head to clean out dried ink and get ready for the new job.  More