Outsourced IT Solutions in Houston Texas Are Only A Phone Call Away

Houston-Texas-Managed-IT-servicesIn today’s world, you need the Internet to help your business grow. Whether you use your computer to stay in touch with clients and respond to their emails or to keep track of incoming orders, you can’t imagine what would happen if you accidentally downloaded a virus. Managed IT services will spring into action and come right to your place of business as soon as you make a call.



IT Managed Services are Available Now

Managed IT services are available now. All you need to do is grab your phone, make a call and explain your situation. Here at Percento Technologies, we have a dedicated Help Desk staffed with professionals who have years of experience doing IT work for larger companies and smaller businesses. When you call us, our professionals will walk you step-by-step through the process. They’ll ask you a few simple questions to find out what happened, and they’ll then go through the process of fixing that problem over the phone. If you need additional support, one of our workers will come to your office in person. We also offer backup solutions and network security services. Keeping the information of your clients confidential and secure and keeping your records safe is always on your mind, and we offer the services that will keep your information secure. With our backup solutions, you can store all your confidential data in a secure, off-site location.

Why Outsource IT Services?

Small business owners often think that they can save money using a small IT department, and other companies keep IT specialists on retainer in case of accidents. Every day that you go without using that IT department is another day that you throw away money. Working with outsourced IT cuts down on your overhead costs right away. Instead of hiring one or more workers who do little on most days, you have experts ready and willing to help you. Managed IT services can remove viruses and spyware on your computers, install software that everyone in the office uses and handle problems mere minutes after you make a call.


Contact Your Houston Texas Managed IT Services Specialist Today

Cloud storage is on the mind of business owners all around the world. This type of storage lets you backup your information and access that information at home or while traveling for work. With our outsourced IT services, you have full access to cloud storage. We also offer other forms of backup solutions, security for your computer network, Help Desk support and a wide range of other options. Learning more about our services is as easy as calling us on the phone. If you have questions or are ready to place an order, call us, email us or just stop by our Houston office.

To find out how we can help your organization, please contact one of our friendly sales representatives for a review of your system and a comprehensive (No Obligation) proposal of services. Call today toll-free at 281.598.2235 or email us at sales@percentotech.com.



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