A Kindle Paperwhite with a Retina Display?

Amazon may be prepping a higher-definition Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, codenamed “Ice Wine,” that would see light of day sometime in April or May next year, reports TechCrunch, which claims it’s interacted with a  prototype of the device up close and personal.

By higher-def, we’re talking about a leap from the current second-gen  Paperwhite’s 212 pixels per inch to an ultra-crisp 300 ppi, placing it in iPhone  5 territory (only with a larger screen).

Like the iPhone, the new Paperwhite’s  screen is said to be glass and flush with the frame; contrast with the current  Paperwhite, which employs a capacitive plastic screen that’s recessed a  millimeter or so below the frame’s edges. TechCrunch notes the move to glass  hasn’t made the reader heavier, and says the new model is supposed to be lighter  than existing ones.  More