Adobe converts Flash to HTML5

flashAdobe has worked out a cunning plan to side-step the campaign of Steve Jobs to have its Flash software removed from computers in favour of HTML5.

Jobs does not like Flash and is rallying efforts to encourage everyone to move to HTML5. Many are suspicious that Microsoft agrees with him.

However Adobe is working out a way of having its cake and eat it. According to Cnet, Adobe has worked out a rough way that Flash can use HTML5.

Adobe Flash Professional Senior Product Manager Tom Barclay said that they have it going roughly at the moment and it needs a bit more work. However it means that Flash can use HTML5, perhaps for banner ads and Web publishing, while keeping its use for games that require complex interactivity.

Dubbed Wallaby, the software means you can select a FLA-formatted file and hit convert, and Wallaby changes the Flash file into HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

At the moment they have arranged it so that most of the Flash file gets converted. It can manage drawing elements, fills, shape tweens, motion tweens, symbol names and instance names. Because it uses Adobe’s Air, both Windows and Mac based developers will be able to use it. If Steve Jobs allows Macs to run Air in the future of course.

The built-in logging tool tells you which elements were not converted, and these currently including the audio and video tags.

Barclay wants feedback from developers before it decides if it will add support for the more complicated aspects of HTML5.

He said that developers could add interactivity after the conversion using JQuery and JavaScript.

However the aim of the tool is to support banner ad development on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. This is because Jobs does not want to allow its iOS to support Flash.