This app turns your text messages into comic strips

comicThere seem to be a million ways to send an SMS message these days, for instance, Google Hangouts, Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp.

I stumbled across a really fun way to text with your friends and it doesn’t involve any silly emojis or self-deleting pictures.

ComicXChat is an app that transforms your SMS messages in the form of a comic strip. According to Engadget: “The app promises real-time changes to character position, facial expression and camera angles among other things, based on implied emotion, tone and attitude.

And if any of that goes horribly wrong, you can share the comics either per-pane or the entire conversation via your social media network of choice.”

Unfortunately, to test the app, a user has to have contacts already on ComicXChat. Bogus, but it makes perfect sense. More