Apple now sells thermostat you can control with Siri

siriApple Stores are now selling a smart thermostat that you can regulate through Siri.

Available Tuesday at Apple retail stores in North America, the Ecobee3 smart thermostat is the first connected thermostat compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology, The Verge said on Tuesday. That means you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to remotely monitor and control the device, either through software or through Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

The new thermostat and other HomeKit-enabled devices are part of Apple’s Connected Home initiative, which aims to automate your control over your home devices and appliances.

Instead of getting up to turn on the lights, start the oven or regulate the temperature, you simply control connected devices through your mobile phone or tablet, mostly easily by issuing your commands through Siri.  More