Apple Patent Application Reveals iPad Smart Cover

Apple may be working on a new iPad Smart Cover that can display an extra row of app icons, as a keyboard, show notifications, and even convert into a graphics tablet. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent application from the iPad-maker called “Cover Attachment with Flexible Display.” The application’s drawings show an iPad Smart Cover being put to some very creative uses beyond those handy magnets.

As with any patent application, you can never be sure whether this concept will turn into an actual product or if Apple is merely staking a claim on an idea from one of its engineers. The application names Fletcher R. Rothkopf, who appears to be a manager of product design at Apple, as the inventor.

It’s also unclear whether the features below would be part of a single Smart Cover product or turn into several feature-specific Smart Cover varieties. Nevertheless, considering how useful such a cover could be, we sure hope Apple is working hard to make this technology a reality. >more