Apple patent hints at drop proof iPhone 6 made of sapphire and LiquidMetal

dropApple is known for its crazy patents, but some of them are much more realistic. On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the company a patent for a special construction process that involves LiquidMetal and sapphire glass displays. The patent approval occurred right after Apple announced that it has exclusive rights to LiquidMetal’s unique alloy until 2015.

In scientific terms, LiquidMetal is a bulk amorphous alloy and is considered an exotic metal. It may look like a metal in liquid form, but it moves like molten plastic. So far, LiquidMetal has only been used to make a SIM card ejector, some military equipment, and medical devices. The technology has been put to the test, but it has never been used to create a consumer smartphone or tablet. Nonetheless, it seems that Apple may have plans to forge its future iPhones and iPads using the LiquidMetal technology.