How Cool is Apple’s Spaceship Campus?

Apple Spaceship CampusIn 2011, Steve Jobs, a tech guru and co-founder of Apple Inc., unveiled his plan to build a new Apple campus in Cupertino, California. While Jobs didn’t stick around to see his plan become a reality, his compatriots have achieved what he envisioned: creating the world’s best office building. Called the spaceship campus, Apple’s new headquarters is a spaceship-styled structure that has won praise and admiration from all over. So, how cool is Apple’s spaceship campus and what are its most ‘eye candy’ features? Let’s find out.

A Giant Saucer with Features Galore!

Appearing as a giant saucer, Apple’s new spaceship campus will be home to thirteen thousand employees. Want to be impressed? Pay a visit to Apple’s new campus. Boasting a 300,000-sq. ft. of research space, the spaceship campus encompasses a range of impressive features including jogging and cycling trails, a 1000-seater auditorium and a 360-degree central courtyard. Other notable features include underground parking and low energy LED lighting.

One of the largest solar installations in the world, Apple’s new spaceship campus boasts 100% renewable energy. Additionally, it displays the campus and its design to visitors via an augmented reality experience. There’s also a large retail store from where employees can do their ‘grocery-shopping’.

Impressive Underground Auditorium

A venue where Apple will hold key meetings before product launches, the underground auditorium of the new spaceship campus is camouflaged with a round glass pavilion. Also, as mentioned earlier, the auditorium can host up to 1000 people at a time. In short, the auditorium is spacious and pleasing to the eye.

Opportunity to Flex Some Muscles

While working at the new spaceship campus, Apple’s employees will have a real opportunity to flex their muscles and become fit. That opportunity comes in the shape of the campus’s jogging and cycling trails, with the latter featuring over 1000 bikes on site all times.

Park in the Shade

Apple’s new spaceship campus has an underground parking, with 80% of the site surrounded by trees. So, the staff at the spaceship campus can park their vehicles in the shade, protecting it from any and all damage that the sun’s rays can cause.

Some Interesting Facts about Apple’s Spaceship Campus

The dream envisioned by Steve Jobs five years ago is about to become a reality. Apple’s new spaceship campus is nearing completion and it would be open to employees soon. We’ve already discussed quite a bit about the building’s features and what it will look like as a whole. But, there are some interesting facts about the spaceship campus that we haven’t discussed yet, facts that you most definitely need to know about. So, here you go.

The Biggest Pieces of Curved Glass Will Make Up Its Walls

To allow employees to view the landscape facing the building’s exterior or look into the inner garden, both sides of the building are completely surrounded by curved glass. Once the building is completed, over three thousand curved glass sheets will wrap around it.

80% of the Campus will be Green Space

Once completed, Apple’s new spaceship campus will have over seven thousand trees on site. A great feature of many of these trees is that they can adapt to climate change. According to Dan Whisenhunt, the senior director of real estate and facilities at Apple, the company has selected plants that are native to the plan and can tolerate drought. This will ensure that a minimum amount of water is required to irrigate these plants.

The Campus will run on 100% Renewable Energy

Okay, maybe we did mention this before, but we did not go into the detail of things. Apple’s new spaceship campus will run on completely on renewable energy, including biofuels and solar energy. The campus will feature 700,000-sq. ft. of solar panels. Additionally, it’ll be equipped with low carbon central plant on site. Renewable energy from the grid will be used to supplement energy whenever there’s a surge in demand.

Apple’s Spaceship Campus will have a Natural Ventilation System

For more than half of the year, Apple’s new spaceship campus will not require air conditioning or heating. This is due to the natural ventilation system of the campus. Taking advantage of Northern California’s ideal weather, Apple has decided to use a natural ventilation system at its new spaceship campus. In addition to lowering the company’s operational costs, the natural ventilation system will help Apple to lower its greenhouse emissions, which is a major goal of the company.

The Campus will use Recycled Water to Stay Green

Its looks as if Apple has decided to go completely ‘green’. At least, this is what one deciphers from the company’s plan for its new spaceship campus. According to San Jose Mercury News, over 150,000 gallons of recycled water will flow into the spaceship campus each day. This water will then be used for a variety of purposes including plumbing, cooling towers and landscaping.

There will be a Fully-Equipped Wellness Center

We’ve already told you about the cycling and jogging trails of Apple’s new spaceship campus but there’s more—the new campus will have a fully-equipped wellness center where employees can unwind, work out and get completely fit.

Apple’s Spaceship campus will be open to Traffic by the End of this Year

Construction of Apple’s spaceship campus is expected to be completed by the end of this year, after which it’ll be opened for employees and other relevant people. Once completed, the total cost of the project would about half a billion dollars. Looking at these numbers, one can safely say that Apple’s new spaceship campus is going to be something special and all the eyes and attention will be on it once its completed.

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