Apps for Busy Professionals and Business Owners.

Are you a busy professional or business owner? If yes, then you need to know the ways of managing your time effectively. To be a successful, you need time management skills. As a professional or business owner, a great way for you to save time and manage it better is using the apps available today. Following are the tools or apps that can help you to manage your time better.

Messaging apps


Slack is a message app for projects. Up to ten users can use slack for free and you can use it to post messages and share links/files. Slack cuts down the need for e-mails.


You can use WhatsApp for both professional and personal purposes. WhatsApp is easy to set up and offers a rich ad-free experience.


Telegram is a mobile messaging App clearly meant for security conscious people. If you don’t want your conversations to get leaked, then Telegram is the most suitable messaging App for you.


Just like Telegram, Signal does well to prevent your conversations from leaking out. You can use Signal to send attachments, group messages, text, and voice messages.

Mail apps

In addition to the messaging apps, you can use the mail apps to effectively manage your time. Following are some mail apps that you can use.


Mailbox makes the sorting process quick and easy. You can use Mailbox to defer emails and reduce inbox clutter.

Apple Mail

A default app for iOS users, Apple Mail organizes incoming messages and supports multiple accounts.


Boxer is a powerful email app that puts a number of tools in front of you. This includes an integrated suite of contact apps, calendar, and mobile email.


The best thing about Hop email app is that it makes your emails look like instant messages rather than inbox messages.

Chat apps

Apart from messaging and mail apps, chat apps can also help busy professionally greatly. Following are some useful chat Apps:

Yahoo messenger

You can download Yahoo messenger on your smart phone for group chat and cloud-based photo sharing.

Facebook Messenger

You can use Facebook Messenger to send other users chat messages, voice messages and make voice calls.

Skype Messaging

You can use the Skype messaging app to send text, photos, and short video messages.


You can use the WeChat app for instant messaging, group chat, video and voice calls, and multimedia messaging.

For most professionals, team collaboration is very important. Thankfully, there are many apps for this purpose as well. Following are some of them:

Speaktoit Assistant

A virtual assistant, Speaktoit help you to schedule meetings and reminders.

Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus helps organizations and teams to schedule.


Evernote is a powerful collaboration and note-taking app.


Fuze is an app that allows you to perform online teleconferencing and meetings.

Finally, we come to the last of apps for busy professionals. These are desktop chat apps. Following are some of them:


TeamViewer is a desktop app that allows you to see users that are online and are accessing the same computer as you. You can even access other computers where TeamViewer is enabled.

Mocha RemoteDesktop

You can use Mocha RemoteDesktop app to access windows 7, Vista or XP from your Iphone.

Remote RDP enterprise

With the help of Remote RDP enterprise app, you can control your PC and servers when you’re away from the network.

XtraLogic Remote

XtraLogic Remote app allows managers to access the computers of employees.


By using the aforementioned tools, you’ll be able to manage your time effectively.