Apps for Finding Food and Voting for Your Favorite Places to Eat

Apps Finding FoodGot a Smartphone or Tablet? If yes, then that alone is enough for you to find food and vote for your favorite places to eat. Today, there are a whole host of apps that quickly direct you to the best restaurants in an area. But, that isn’t all these apps do. They also offer you discounts, advise you on what dish to order and allow you to vote for your favorite restaurants. So, what’s to achieve from these apps? Let’s find out.

Fulfill Your Insatiable Need for Food with These Apps

Considering the food and dietary limitations in the world today, it is no surprise that people become irked when they’re hungry and in an alien location. The good news is that there are food apps today that can help you to meet your insatiable need for food in any location. Finding a great dining-out place in your area should not be a problem for you. But, you’ll have to do a bit of work to find out about the restaurants that only recently opened or find a suitable place to eat in a foreign location or an area you just moved to.

There is so much that cellphones apps can do for your and this includes helping you to fulfill your insatiable need for food. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, there are a whole host of apps that you can use to find theme-based, upscale or just darn delicious restaurants. So, without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at the best apps for meeting your food cravings.

The Best Food Finder Apps

There’s no shortage of excellent food apps in the Android or iOS App Store. However, following are the five best apps for finding restaurants in a location, checking their ratings and leaving a review for your favorite dine-out place.


When it comes to user-reviewed restaurant listing sites, there’s no name bigger than Urbanspoon, a broad directory that you can search using a range of filters. Some filters that you can search by include free wi-fi, kid-friendly, price, cuisine, and suburb. Got GPS in your phone? Shake it to get a random restaurant in a random, or chosen area. Finally, you can share your review and pictures and add restaurant to your ‘wishlist’ by creating your own Urbanspoon profile.


This is one food app that you need to look out for. This app allows you to search for restaurants, claim discounts and reserve tables. With the mission of making fine dining affordable, YumTable offers introductory discounts to users after they download and sign up with the app.

Food Truck Follower

You don’t necessarily need to look for upscale restaurants to find great food in an area. Some of the best food today comes from hawker stands present around town. Unlike the fine-dine restaurants, these road side eateries are focused and dedicated to deliver the best food and service to each and every customer that visits them. You can use the Food Truck Follower app to find food trucks in a location.


This app is available to users of iOS devices. A free to download app, OpenTable is designed to make restaurant reservations easier. The app supports more than thirty thousand restaurants. In addition to allowing you to view menus and user ratings, this app ensure real time availability and in-app reservation. Some of the popular features of this app include email integration, list of nearby restaurants, and dining reward points. Additionally, new features have been added to the app including user reviews, a restaurant finder, reward points and popular dishes at each restaurant.

Dining Deals

At times, finding a restaurant is as difficult a task as finding inexpensive food. This is a problem that dining deals solves. A smartphone app that you download to an android or iOS device, Dining Deals helps you to find inexpensive restaurants in a location so that you can save some money.


A free iOS app that works like Urbanspoon, Foodspotting is designed to help you find new restaurants. Unlike Urbanspoon, Foodspotting takes a visual approach—the app displays pictures of food and dishes at restaurants uploaded/submitted by users. The quality of the image depends entirely on the users uploading the image. However, the app does have plenty of drool-worthy food pics for you to gaze at. You can use this app to look up a restaurant by name to see what it looks like and what people are saying about it. A unique app, Foodspotting has an eye-catching interface. Some other noticeable features of this app include dish reviews, and multiple-third party camera features.


If you’re looking for a place to eat, then you just have to download the Yelp app. A free app, Yelp will help you find restaurants based on your location, and food, price and atmosphere preferences.

The Taste App

A recent arrival, the Taste app is available to users of iOS devices. The App helps you to find the best places to eat and drink through the locals. Locals vote for their favorite in each restaurant/food category. Even you can vote on this app if you think your vote will help people find a good place to eat. This app does not allow reviews or one-to-five star ratings. Instead, it ranks restaurants based on how many people voted for them. So, if you like a restaurant, download the Taste app and vote for them there.

Today, finding a place to eat and drink is easier than ever and you can easily show you love and admiration for a particular restaurant. Download the above-mentioned apps today to find good places to eat and drink and vote for your favorite eatery.

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