This Belt Can Charge Your Phone While It Holds Up Your Pants

xooBelts are so darn boring. However, without them, our ill-fitting pants would be down by our ankles most of the time, not a good look if you’re walking into a job interview or delivering an important speech.

Thankfully, Nifty — a UK-based startup that made a name for itself with its MiniDrive storage solution for the MacBook — is threatening to breathe new life into the humble waist-based loop. The team has come up with an innovative design that incorporates battery-charging tech, offering the pants-wearing public a new way to keep their mobile devices at full power while they’re dashing about in their comfortably fitting trousers.

The XOO Belt (pronounced “zoo”) is wearable tech that you might actually want to wear – especially if running out of smartphone juice is an issue for you. And because it’s slung around your body, you’ll have one less thing to carry when you go out.  More