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Password ManagersRecently, hackers breached the security at Equifax, a credit reporting agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The security breach allowed the hackers to get access to the personal information of 143 million Americans. Wow, that’s some feat! They got names, addresses, credit card numbers, and driver’s license numbers. While reports don’t show passwords being part of the loot, it is likely that they’ve been compromised too. After investigating the matter, cyber-security cops learned that the user database in Equifax’s Argentina office had ‘admin’ as both username and password.

Unbelievable! Isn’t it? So, don’t be like Equifax. Use a unique, strong password for every site.

The Need for a Password Manager

There are so many websites and programs for which we need to set a password and this can be overwhelming. So, to make things simple for themselves, most people take the easier and often dangerous route of setting the same password for every site they’re on. And, who can blame them, it’s as good as impossible to remember ten or more different passwords.

Now, users aren’t the only ones to blame. Services also contribute to the problem. The demand of the different services vary immensely, with some requiring passwords of minimum length, while others want users to include both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols in their passwords. To overcome this hassle, most people employ a simple yet dangerous practice of setting the same password for all the sites they’re on.

A major security risk, having the same password for all the sites you’re on will result in someone getting access to all your accounts in case the security of any of the services you use is compromised and this is a serious problem. There’s only one solution to this—a password manager that stores all of your passwords in a single secure database that’s password protected.  You can skip past all the confusion and potential security holes by using a password manager!

How the Password Manager Works

Basic password managers perform only one function—they save your login information for different websites so you don’t have to. Though there’s a possibility to save your login information in your browser, it’ll leave you prone to data theft. So, using a standalone password manager is a far better choice. Password managers encrypt login information and other type of data that users often hand over to a site, such as their address or credit card details. So, with a password manager, you can keep your personal data secure, while keeping the array of passwords that many of us have to manage organized!

Password managers help users to generate unique, complicated passwords that are extremely difficult to crack. Password managers ensure that you have the strongest possible password and they perform the hard task of remembering all of your passwords for you. ideally, a password manager should perform all of the above security functions.

In addition to the above, quality password managers include password ranking, which lets you know which of your passwords are weak and which are strong, giving you the ability to change passwords that are likely to be compromised.

The Best Password Managers

Now that you know why password managers are important and how they work, it’s time to look at the best password managers out there. Following are the 3 password managers that we think are the best password managers to secure you passwords and avoid a security breach.


Look up the internet for the best password managers and the first name that’ll pop-up is LastPass. Clearly the juggernaut here, LastPass was one of the first password managers to hit the market and, it was one of the first to offer an easy way to store passwords, both locally on one device and online, synched with other computers and devices.

Once you’ve set up your master password, the password manager allows you to import your saved login credentials i.e. your usernames and passwords from multiple browsers including Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. If you want, you can then delete all of the information from your computer to keep it secure.


Launched back in 2012, DashLane got a refreshed user-interface (UI) in 2016. The streamlined interface of this password manager is extremely simple and intuitive. DashLane allows two-factor authentication and gives you the ability to change a host of passwords spanning multiple sites with just a few clicks.

In addition to the above, the password manager will notify you if have an account on a site that’s been compromised, and with the built-in password changer of DashLane, you can prompt the password manager to reset the password to a new, unique, strong one without leaving the interface. Finally, DashLane gives you the option of storing your passwords locally in an encrypted vault or syncing them to the devices and then accessing them on the web.


According to RoboForm, it has the best password manager, and there’s certainly a case to be made in its favor. First, this password manager

Password Manager

allows you to store an unlimited number of logins. Second, it features application logins, multi-platform support, the ability to receive emergency access and secure storage of notes. Third, it provides the ability to sync across devices, cloud backup, and the ability to grant yourself emergency access.

Though it doesn’t boast the same feature list as LastPass and DashLane, RoboForm is a useful password manager to have and you get access to free mobile apps. In short, it’s worth a try!

Final Word

Two, three, ten, hundred! Regardless of the number, if you have more than one password for the different sites you’re on then, it will be hard for you to remember all of them. But then, you can’t compromise your online security by having the same password for all the sites you’re on. The best solution here is getting one of the passwords managers mentioned above—this is in your best interest.

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