The 4 Best Portable Chargers

Power ChargersBattery is the life-force, the fuel that keeps us going. Our life is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and the devices that enable it and what is enabling these devices? Yes, you guessed it right—batteries. Without batteries, technology and the devices that enable it would like a lifeless corpse. Now, when you’re at your home, lounging over the couch, you can easily stretch out to a plug point and charge your device as soon as it is low on power. But, what if you’re out and about and don’t have any instant access to a power source. The only solution here is a portable power charger.

Are you always on the go but need your phone to be accessible to you and others 24/7? If yes, then the last thing you’d want is your smartphone running low on battery. Low battery often triggers a crisis-mode in people as most of us are so dependent on our handheld devices. There’s nothing worse than a phone battery that dies on you when it’s crucial for you to contact someone for an important task. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, get a portable mobile device charger.

Why Portable Chargers are a Life Saver

Most of the times we need to rush out for work, gatherings, and meetings, etc. And, in this rush, we often forget to charge our mobile devices to the ‘required level’. The result of this is a smartphone battery that runs out of power at some point during the day, and this may be disastrous if it happens while you’re on the go. The best thing in such scenarios are portable chargers. As soon as your battery starts losing power, simply grab your portable charger and power your device to a ‘desired’ level. This is why portable chargers are considered  as life-saving devices.One of the best things about portable chargers is that you can charge a host of devices including tablets, iPhone, iPods, and digital cameras through a single portable charger. Today, more and more mobile device owners are buying these chargers and there are several reasons for this. Following are some of them:

Easy to Carry

As the name suggests, portable chargers are portable devices that can be carried anywhere. Lightweight and small in size, portable charges are designed to ensure portability. As it can be an inconvenient and often frustrating experience, no one wants to carry a heavy and big-sized accessory with them. Thankfully, portable chargers don’t fit that bill. Devices that can easily fitted into purses or handbags or tucked inside pockets of trousers, portable chargers are convenient to carry and this makes them even more likeable.

Can Charge your Device to Full Power

Surely, a gadget that can charge your mobile device on the go would have sort of loophole? Maybe it malfunctions often? Or Maybe if fails to charge the device to full power? If you’re thinking like that then stop now! Portable chargers hardly malfunction and they can charge your device to full power. What more do you want?

No unnecessary Cables and Wires

When you’re on the go, carrying devices that come with ‘too many’ wires and cables can be hassle. As portable chargers don’t come with any such handicaps, they are ‘great’ to carry.

There you have it—why more and more mobile device owners are buying portable chargers. With that discussed, it’s time to the four best portable charges available in the market today.

1.   Anker PowerCore Power Bank

There’s a good chance that you heard of Anker. If you haven’t, then no need to worry as we’re not discussing Anker here. Instead, we’re discussing PowerCore Power bank offered by it. The battery size of this portable charger is ‘huge’. To be precise, it has a 20,100mAh battery. So, before you recharge your Anker charger, you can use it multiple times to charge up your mobile or tablet devices. One con of this charger is that it’s a little heavier than most portable chargers available in the market today.

2.   Nifty External Battery

A compact device, Nifty portable charger doesn’t have a huge battery capacity. But, finished with a textured plastic, the portable charger is lightweight and good to look at.  As soon as you tap this charger, both the USB port lights and the LED array will light up to indicate the remaining battery power, which is great when you’re moving in the dark. Regardless of what device you have, nifty will charge your device pretty fast.

3.   AmazonBasics Portable External Battery Charger

This portable charger comes with different battery capacities, ranging from 5,600mAh to 16,100mAh. You can use the latter to charge a burly tablet while the former can give your smartphone a minimum of one full charge. If you want the perfect balance between power and portability, then go for the 10,000mAh model. Regardless of what battery capacity you get, the AmazonBasics charger will feature 4 LED lights on the front that indicate how much power remains in the battery.

4.   Aukey Power Bank

If you want something similar to Anker Power bank, but a bit cheaper then, one of the best options you have is the Aukey Power bank. A portable charger with a battery capacity of 20,000mAh, Aukey Power Bank features two ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. The portable charger has a light that shows how much power remains in the battery. A disadvantage of choosing this battery is that it chargers slower than most other portable chargers available today.

The aforementioned-portable chargers are the four chargers we think are best portable chargers available today. But, there are many other portable chargers you should consider before choosing a portable charger for your smartphone or tablet device.

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