Best Smart Home Devices of 2017!


2017 is has been dubbed “The Year of Artificial Intelligence” because this technology is expected to see great advancements.  Homeowners love the ability to control more items by voice and smart phone, as well as the ability to leave some tasks to be handled by robots! As this technology is becoming more popular, there are a variety of products to choose from. This list highlights some of our favorites:

Best Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo

This device does more than just relay information on current events and commute estimations and tell jokes. Users will enjoy the ability to stream music through its immersive 360º omni-directional audio and control the machine with their voices, which can be recognized across the room even when music is being streamed. This voice control also allows users to perform tasks such as ordering food and calling car services. All of these perks are great, but we really enjoy the Echo’s capacity to connect to and control smart homes. Gaining the ability to control lights, switches, thermostats, and more will not only create a more user-friendly home, but also a more efficient one. That is because the device learns and adapts to behaviors and can program customized settings of your critical systems.

Best Smart Thermostat: The Nest

Speaking of efficiency, today’s thermostats have the ability to connect with applications, learn behavior, and connect with other systems. The Nest can be controlled via the thermostat itself, as well as via smartphones, voice, or smart speaker. This product works seamlessly with other home systems and is especially benefited by remote sensors which reduce the amount of hot and cold spots within the room. Another perk we enjoy is a customizable screen which recognizes movement and brightens its display to show time, temperature, or weather information.

Best Smart Home Hub:  Samsung SmartThings

This product was bought by Samsung and a second generation was released with added features and capabilities. It is able to control a number of home devices including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, and more. Users can easily control this device through an app or smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa. Our team especially enjoyed the ability of this device to be set to certain times or settings to best fit your schedule. For example, users who typically return from work at 5:30 pm can set their home to have the lights on and AC running when they return home without having to leave them running all day. By connecting multiple systems, a more efficient home environment is created which drives down energy bills.

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