BlackBerry CEO: Our Foxconn phone will cost under $200

john chenLAS VEGAS — BlackBerry will likely have at least two smartphones hitting the  market this year.

That’s according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, who spoke to the media in a  roundtable at the Consumer Electronics Show here Tuesday. The company is working  on a Foxconn-built  touch-screen smartphone that he said will be priced under $200. He also  teased another, and higher-end, smartphone that would include a traditional  keyboard, which would be designed in-house.

The devices signal that BlackBerry isn’t quite ready to give up on selling  smartphones to consumers, although it won’t repeat the flashy — yet ultimately  doomed — attempt to take on leading smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

“We’re not retreating from the consumer business,” Chen said.  More