BlackBerry Passport smart phone focuses squarely on business users

passportBlackBerry hopes to reshape smart-phone design with its new Passport, a square-shaped phone meant for business users. We haven’t had our hands on the Passport yet, but the specs are interesting.

The BlackBerry Passport’s 4.5-inch 1440×1440-pixel (453 dots per inch) HD display is sharp in terms of resolution, though its square shape is clearly aimed at work-related documents and tasks rather than wide-screen entertainment. The new keyboard takes its job seriously as well, blending three rows of physical keys, with a virtual row of keys just above them.

The virtual row of keys, which you can expand by swiping down on the physical keyboard, can change according to the app you’re using. And the next-word predictive-text app suggests words based on what you’ve already typed.  More