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Learn the Art of Comparing Different Cloud Service Providers to Find the Right One

Comparing the different cloud providers can look like comparing apples to oranges. The problem lies in the fact that all cloud providers may appear to be the same from a distance. However, upon close inspection, you’ll find out that they are completely different from one another. To put it simply, comparing different cloud providers isn’t… Read more »

Why Choose Wireless Technology Over Hard-Wired Options for Industrial and Remote Applications

Many industry operators today seek ways to maximize their investments in communication networks and ensure secure and reliable data transmission. Several solutions are available for this purpose. However, the two most commonly used solutions are wireless technology and hard-wired options. While both solutions have a place in the industry, we are starting to see an… Read more »

7 Ways Leaders Deal with Team Conflict

The ideal work environment is one where everyone gets along and work together for the good of the company. Unfortunately, such a work environment is rare. This is because conflict among employees in the workplace is pretty much inevitable. It’s no secret that different people have different viewpoints or ways of looking at things. Often,… Read more »

5 Real-World Examples of Automated Workplaces

Today, there is a widespread debate about the role of workplace automation in the future of economies worldwide. However, most people seem to agree on one thing: workplace automation will only grow as a trend in the coming years. Today, automation is evident in virtually every business process from customer services to human resources to… Read more »

How to Keep Track of Maintenance Contracts

Keeping track of maintenance contracts can be tedious. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest problem isn’t tracking the expiration of the contract. Rather, it’s tracking everything that happens against the contract until expiration i.e. performance, compliance, budget, invoices, purchases, etc. The good news is that there are ways to simplify this task. What are these… Read more »

The Psychological Impact of Negative Body Image: What Can You Do About It

In every circle of friends, there is always one person who talks negatively about themselves or their body to be specific. The person whines and constantly complains about their—often invisible—belly fat. If by any chance you happen to be that friend, then here’s why you need to stop doing that—now! Why People Indulge in Self-Body… Read more »

Why Free Guest Wi-Fi In-Store Is More Than a Foot Traffic Generator

From coffee shops to shopping malls to restaurants and more, free Wi-Fi access is practically ubiquitous today. Know why? Customers and visitors demand it. Despite the increased demand for it, many businesses in the United States are hesitant to offer free Wi-Fi to the public or their customers. If you’re among them, then you need… Read more »