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How Immersive Technologies Are Aiding Business Transformation?

Immersive technology carries with it the potential to bring a veritable plethora of benefits to the modern business enterprise. These typically include near universal ease of use, widespread scalability, as well as many new types of both content and application experiences for the discerning customer and employee alike. As a matter of fact, just about… Read more »

Proof That Positive Cultures Are More Productive

For financial success, too many businesses today rely on cut-throat, high-pressure, zero-empathy work culture. However, research says that this is counter-productive. Not only is a cut-throat work environment harmful to productivity, but it can also hurt employers, employees, and the bottom line. Here’s why positive work cultures are more productive! The importance of a company’s… Read more »

H & M Turns to Big Data, AI to Tailor Store Offerings

For ten straight quarters, H &M—the world’s largest clothing brand, suffered slumps in same-store sales and it still faces troubles with the clothing and fashion industry. In a bid to win back shoppers and reverse one of the worst slumps in its history, the company is now turning to artificial intelligence (AI).  Here’s how H… Read more »

What Makes Any Place A Really Great Place to Work?

Multiple studies have conclusively shown that the most engaged employees and staff members are those ones who are fully invested in their jobs and work and therefore by extension, are really committed to their employers. Not only are they significantly more productive, but at the same time they also drive overall customer satisfaction ever upwards… Read more »

How Technology Can Help You Stay Safe During a Storm Like Hurricane Florence

With death tolls rising on Sunday and storm’s rains still running Havoc, South Carolina Governor had no choice but to exclaim that ‘Storm has never been more dangerous’. Of course, he was talking about Hurricane Florence—the wettest tropical storm on record in the Carolinas. If you happen to be in the path of this ‘dangerous… Read more »

What’s Next in the Fintech World?

The Fintech industry in growing in terms of revenue and investments. In 2017, fintech investments increased to $12.85 billion. Running away from long queues, mind-boggling bureaucracy and the tortoise-like pace of different financial services, more and more consumers today are managing their money online, which means they are moving to the fintech world. Here’s what… Read more »