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Why Digital Marketing Analytics Matters to Your Business

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing. One way to overcome this challenge is the use of digital marketing analytics. Here is what digital marketing analytics entails and why it matters to your business. When they hear ‘digital analytics’, most marketers automatically think of metrics associated with… Read more »

The Future of Manufacturing Technologies

Cisco—the multinational technology conglomerate, predicts that there will be fifty billion connected devices by 2020. This will impact many industries including the manufacturing industry. Here is everything you need to know about the future of the manufacturing industry and the technologies that will enable it. Today, manufacturing is undergoing the biggest change that it has… Read more »

How to Measure Your Digital Marketing ROI?

Are you getting the desired results from your digital marketing campaigns? If you’re not sure, then you may want to measure your digital marketing ROI. Here is how you can measure your digital marketing ROI to know where it is doing well and where it’s under-performing. How do you know that your digital marketing efforts… Read more »

How Social Media Is Changing Retail

One thing that retailers and brand today must know is how to operate in the social media environment. Why is that important? You will understand this once you know the impact of social media on retail. Here is how social media is changing retail. Even though research shows that most consumers prefer to shop in… Read more »

How to Ensure Success in The Digital Economy

Half of the world’s population is online, with over 50% of them accessing the web primarily through mobile devices. This rise is consumer connectivity has made it crucial for businesses to think about their performance in the digital economy—an internet -based ecosystem worth trillions of dollars. Here is how you can ensure success in the… Read more »

An Online Marketing Survival Guide for Businesses

Online marketing has become crucial to the success of businesses. Businesses failing to create an online, digital presence are suffering. One of the main reasons for their failure is being unable to answer the question — “Where should we begin from?” Every business needs to begin somewhere, but they are just in need of guidance…. Read more »

5 Social Media Predictions for the Future

What are some social media predictions for the future? It’s a bright one, that’s for sure! Let’s look at the statistics: There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook There are more than 200 million active users on Twitter There are more than 3 billion views on YouTube There are more than 50… Read more »