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Women Entrepreneurs: Taking the Business World by Storm

Every day in the US, women entrepreneurs start about 850 new businesses on average. And over the past two decades or so, the number of women-owned business firms has increased by a whopping 114 percent. These developments are a sure sign that the world of American entrepreneurship is now eagerly opening its arms to women as they become all… Read more »

Orville Redenbacher: The Popcorn King Who Revolutionized an Entire Sector of The Economy

If anyone deserves the undisputed title of ‘The Popcorn King” then that person would be Orville Redenbacher. And with good reason too. As a matter of fact, the New York Times described him in the following words “The agricultural visionary who all but single-handedly revolutionized the American popcorn industry.” How did he earn this title?… Read more »

A $600 Million Deal with UK-Based Firm Secures Critical iPhone Technology for Apple

Apple has inked a $600 million deal to take control over Dialog semiconductor—the power management company at hear of its iPhones. The deal would see Apple acquire certain assets, and over 300 staff members of Dialog. $300 million will be paid upfront for the deal while the remaining amount would be payment for product delivery… Read more »

Andrew Carnegie: The Man Who Embodied the ‘All American Dream’

Andrew Carnegie was born one evening on November 25, 1835, of Scottish heritage. He went on to becoming a towering figure of American industry and later on in life, one of the world’s greatest business magnate, who effectively dedicated his final years of life to philanthropy and world peace. Carnegie was instrumental in leading the expansion… Read more »

How Close Are You to Realizing Your Full Potential?

One of the biggest regrets that people have when they’re older is not realizing their true or full potential. Here’s what you can do to reach your true potential. What do people mean when they say someone’s realized their true or full potential? They mean this in an academic context and it is generally to… Read more »

How Bitcoin is Giving Other Cryptocurrencies a Helping Hand and Why You Should Consider the Investment Advice of Bitcoin’s Most Intelligent Skeptics

Bitcoin’s value has increased considerably over the past couple of weeks and years. In fact, during this period, bitcoin has completely overshadowed the other cryptocoins in the market and investors should not be blamed for preferring bitcoin over the latter. After all, it is bitcoin that is giving other cryptocurrencies a helping hand and not… Read more »

How Immersive Technologies Are Aiding Business Transformation?

Immersive technology carries with it the potential to bring a veritable plethora of benefits to the modern business enterprise. These typically include near universal ease of use, widespread scalability, as well as many new types of both content and application experiences for the discerning customer and employee alike. As a matter of fact, just about… Read more »