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The Best Health and Fitness Gadgets for 2019

At the beginning of each year, most people make new resolutions. For many of them, New Year resolutions involve cutting down on carbs and increasing physical activity to improve health and fitness levels. If you have the same resolution for the year 2019, then here are the best health and fitness gadgets that can aid… Read more »

Technology May Soon Wipe Out Disability

According to Hugh Herr—a professor at MIT, Technology will wipe out disability during this century. How much truth there is in the claim made by professor Herr?  Check it out… Recently, Hugh Herr—the head of MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, made a bold claim that technology will wipe out disability this century. According to professor… Read more »

Successful People Do these 7 Things to Stay Healthy

Regardless of how accomplished or experienced you are professionally, performing at peak levels is difficult—if not impossible, when you’re feeling sick and/or tired. Every now and then, a cold, gastroenteritis or other viral illness would catch you napping. But, the successful people amongst us are rarely affected by these health issues. Here’s why! If you’re… Read more »

How Technology is Helping Improve the Pharmaceutical Industry

An industry faced with challenging regulatory requirements, the pharmaceutical industry can significantly benefit from the use of technology. Pharmacy technology allows retail and outpatient pharmacies to drive improvements in their business.  How exactly? Let’s find out! By implementing technology for their business, pharmacies can ensure the deliverance of better healthcare to patients. Moreover, this helps… Read more »

5 Tech Gifts for Health-Conscious Clients

Christmas is almost here—a time of the year rejoiced by most but dreaded by some. The unpreparedness for the occasion or buying gifts for it haphazardly is a major reason why some people dread Christmas day. This applies not just to individuals, but to businesses as well. No business can survive without clients/customers and clients… Read more »

How Companies Help Keep Their Employees Healthy.

Health is Wealth—you can take this both metaphorically and literally. Why do I say this? As a business owner, tell me what’s your biggest asset? If your answer was anything other than employees or workforce, then, quite frankly, you need to get your priorities straight. Your employees are your greatest assets, and revenue generators, but… Read more »