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How Mobile Technology Can Help Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Today, companies are under immense pressure to improve warehouse efficiency and minimize errors. The good news is that mobile technology can help them to rise to the challenge. Here is how mobile technology can help increase warehouse efficiency. Information and communication technology has changed our lifestyle beyond all recognition, with mobility being one of the… Read more »

The Future of Manufacturing Technologies

Cisco—the multinational technology conglomerate, predicts that there will be fifty billion connected devices by 2020. This will impact many industries including the manufacturing industry. Here is everything you need to know about the future of the manufacturing industry and the technologies that will enable it. Today, manufacturing is undergoing the biggest change that it has… Read more »

Amazon – Taking eCommerce to The Next Level

On Monday, January 22nd, 2018, Amazon—the American eCommerce and cloud computing company, publicly launched Amazon Go—the e-commerce cashier-less grocery store. This represents a technology and customer experience innovation that aims to take eCommerce to the next level. Here’s more on it! Over time, we’ve gotten used to making a queue at grocery stores or lining up… Read more »

Impending Bubble or Surefire Bet: How to Explain the Soaring Price of Bitcoin

When a whitepaper drawing out the framework for a radical, new decentralized virtual currency, began making its way around obscure cryptography newsletters in 2008, few but the most hardcore tech nerds gave the idea any credence. Yet, in just under a decade this once unheralded innovation has gone from a price of $0.30 per coin,… Read more »

How Virtual Technology Can Help Enable Business Growth and Higher Profits

If you thought that virtual technology or virtualization was all about the VR headsets in use today, then think again. Virtual technology or virtualization isn’t limited to VR headsets instead it extends to desktops, servers, operating systems, storage devices and software. And, this is helping businesses to grow and achieve higher profits. Here’s more on… Read more »

6 Ways to Read More Books

How many books have you read in your lifetime? 1000, 100, 50, 10? If it is the latter then, you’re not alone. In fact, I was just like you a few years back. Up until 2012, I had read a mere 15 books in my entire lifetime. Today, I boast the knowledge of over 100… Read more »