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Things to Consider When Choosing a Technology Partner

As companies across the United States look to modernize their internal system to become more efficient, choosing the right technology partner is becoming a more important decision that involves more potential risks to future growth and success. If you’re looking for a capable technology partner to spearhead your business’ transition to digital platforms, then here… Read more »

How Technology Can Help Enhance Customer Experience and Engagement

As the capabilities of technologies evolve, customers have started to expect new standards of excellence, performance, and everything in between. Whether it is AI, chatbots, real-time texting, or interactive video, technology dominates the discussion today whenever the topic of customer engagement and experience comes up. This is because technology is shaping customer experience and engagement… Read more »

How New Technology is Transforming the Auto industry

It is predicted that by 2020, growing digitization and advancements in technology will have increased the automotive industry investments to $82 billion. Slowly, automotive companies are realizing that they must meet consumer demands for a digitally enhanced experience when they are researching, purchasing and operating a car. This has given rise new technology that is… Read more »

New Technology Allows you to See Through Walls

While you can only dream of having Superman’s strength, super-speed, enhanced hearing, powers of flight, and nigh-invulnerability, his X-ray vision may soon be within your reach. Yes, you heard that right! Scientists at MIT’s artificial laboratory have successfully devised a mechanism that lets you see through walls. Here is more about it. Growing up, we’ve… Read more »

4 Emerging Digital Transformation Technologies

While the scope of business strategy is increasingly defined by technologies, not all technologies are equally important. A new study shows the technological areas in which businesses are investing heavily to accelerate their digital transformation journey in 2018.  Here are the 4 emerging digital transformation technologies making an impact on business. Competition is heating up… Read more »

How to Drive Value from Your Business Information System

Most businesses have information systems, but few take advantage of the capabilities they offer. If you’re among the majority, here is how you can drive value from your business information system. Recognized as a core enabler for business, information management is becoming increasingly important today. Studies from industry analysts and management companies show that companies… Read more »

Technology May Soon Wipe Out Disability

According to Hugh Herr—a professor at MIT, Technology will wipe out disability during this century. How much truth there is in the claim made by professor Herr?  Check it out… Recently, Hugh Herr—the head of MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, made a bold claim that technology will wipe out disability this century. According to professor… Read more »

How Mobile Technology Can Help Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Today, companies are under immense pressure to improve warehouse efficiency and minimize errors. The good news is that mobile technology can help them to rise to the challenge. Here is how mobile technology can help increase warehouse efficiency. Information and communication technology has changed our lifestyle beyond all recognition, with mobility being one of the… Read more »

The Future of AI: What Will It Look Like?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed how we do business and live our lives. One of the hottest, most debated technological breakthroughs in modern times, AI has a lot to offer in the future as well. So, what will the future of AI look like? Today, we have more power in our pockets than we had… Read more »