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A Look into Archinaut: The Spacecraft-Assembly Technology Set for a Test Flight in 2022

Understanding Archinaut: The Construction Robot for Space As part of NASA’s Tipping Point Program, California-based startup Made in Space will join hands with Northrop Grumman and Oceaneering to initiate the Archinaut development program. The first-ever platform that is designed to build large structures for space and in space, Archinaut enables the construction, assembly, and integration… Read more »

How to Keep Track of Maintenance Contracts

Keeping track of maintenance contracts can be tedious. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest problem isn’t tracking the expiration of the contract. Rather, it’s tracking everything that happens against the contract until expiration i.e. performance, compliance, budget, invoices, purchases, etc. The good news is that there are ways to simplify this task. What are these… Read more »

Why Free Guest Wi-Fi In-Store Is More Than a Foot Traffic Generator

From coffee shops to shopping malls to restaurants and more, free Wi-Fi access is practically ubiquitous today. Know why? Customers and visitors demand it. Despite the increased demand for it, many businesses in the United States are hesitant to offer free Wi-Fi to the public or their customers. If you’re among them, then you need… Read more »

Looking to the Future: Smart Buildings / Cities, Deep Learning AI, Drones, Robotics, Augmented Reality, and IoT

Building/facility managers need to take on several challenges and responsibilities every single day of their assignment. While there are certain challenges that the manager can plan for, there are many that will strike them out of the blue. They aren’t prepared for these challenges. Yet, they must keep the place running smoothly, safely, and within… Read more »

Knowing Your Customers Versus Understanding Your Customers—The Key to Customer Experience Success

Many retail business owners today want to ‘know their customers better’ but are unable to do so in a meaningful way. If you’re one of them, then answer the following question honestly: ‘Have you made a committed effort to understand your customers better?’ If you haven’t, then your grievances are a bit unfounded. How can… Read more »