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Google Pixel 3: Release Date and Rumored Specs

In the year 2018, we will see three brand new Google Pixel 3 smartphones! However, don’t expect to get your hands on so soon because you will have to wait until October to see and hold them! If you are a fan of Google’s smartphones and like every year, are anxiously waiting for the company… Read more »

5 Social Media Predictions for the Future

What are some social media predictions for the future? It’s a bright one, that’s for sure! Let’s look at the statistics: There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook There are more than 200 million active users on Twitter There are more than 3 billion views on YouTube There are more than 50… Read more »

The Future Of 5G And Mobile Networks

Every decade, something big happens in mobile technology. So, what’s the big thing in mobile technology now? it is the 5G. The next gen of mobile technology, 5G is starting to take shape and could be the last standard we ever need. Here is more on the future of 5G and mobile networks! The first… Read more »

Amazon – Taking eCommerce to The Next Level

On Monday, January 22nd, 2018, Amazon—the American eCommerce and cloud computing company, publicly launched Amazon Go—the e-commerce cashier-less grocery store. This represents a technology and customer experience innovation that aims to take eCommerce to the next level. Here’s more on it! Over time, we’ve gotten used to making a queue at grocery stores or lining up… Read more »

The Life and Success Story of Bill Gates

The Co-Founder of Microsoft Corporation and one of the most influential people in the world, Bill Gates was born on October 28,1955 in Seattle, Washington. One of the most inspiring personalities in history, Bill Gates has had a life filled with successes. Here is everything that you ever wanted to know about the life and… Read more »

3 Mobile Apps That Convert Voice to Text

Technology is advancing each day. An example of this is mobile apps that convert voice to text. This futuristic technology is changing how people communicate with their computer or devices. If you’re looking to benefit from this amazing piece of tech, then here are 3 mobile apps that convert voice to text! Have you ever… Read more »