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How Immersive Technologies Are Aiding Business Transformation?

Immersive technology carries with it the potential to bring a veritable plethora of benefits to the modern business enterprise. These typically include near universal ease of use, widespread scalability, as well as many new types of both content and application experiences for the discerning customer and employee alike. As a matter of fact, just about… Read more »

Facebook Workplace: What Is It All About Anyway?

The Facebook Workplace is a highly collaborative platform that is run by its parent company Facebook, Inc. It had effectively been launched on October 10, 2016. The core objective of the platform is to help users communicate with different groups and engage in live chat with office colleagues and coworkers, regardless of the geographic distances involved. Basically,… Read more »

How Voice AI is Transforming Business Operations and Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are driving the business world into a period of breakthrough digital transformation. Everyone from entrepreneurs to SMBs to big-sized corporations are leveraging AI and machine learning to be better. An important part of this digital transformation is Voice AI. Here is how voice AI is transforming operations and… Read more »

5 Sci-Fi Technologies That Have Become a Reality

Sci-Fi movies and TV shows are a work of the creator’s imagination and there’s no doubting that. But what’s interesting is that, as technology advances, we are seeing more and more of the Sci-Fi technologies that we’ve only witnessed till now in movies and TV shows become a reality. Following are some of the Sci-Fi… Read more »

How Technology Can Help You Stay Safe During a Storm Like Hurricane Florence

With death tolls rising on Sunday and storm’s rains still running Havoc, South Carolina Governor had no choice but to exclaim that ‘Storm has never been more dangerous’. Of course, he was talking about Hurricane Florence—the wettest tropical storm on record in the Carolinas. If you happen to be in the path of this ‘dangerous… Read more »

What is Hyperloop? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About This New Transportation Technology

If you’ve never heard of Hyperloop, then the first thing that you need to know about it is that it is a vision of super-fast transport created by Elon Musk—an investor, engineer, and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. First suggested in 2012 by Musk, Hyperloop has attracted interest and investments from both the government and… Read more »