Why small firms struggle with cyber security

austin-cityscapeJust one example serves to show just how prolific they are. Every day, come rain or shine, they crank out about 250,000 novel variants of viruses.

Their vigour has helped them steal data from some really big companies, Target, Home Depot and eBay, in the last few months.

And, what is a problem for the big companies is even more acute for the smaller firms. They have an even tougher time keeping the bad guys out.

“They are exposed to many of the same attacks as much larger enterprises, yet they don’t have the security expertise and resources available to those larger firms,” said Maxim Weinstein, a security advisor at security firm Sophos.

While attacks on the eBays and Sonys of the world make the headlines there’s no doubt that smaller firms are getting hit. And getting hit hard.

Figures from Sophos suggest about 30,000 websites a day are being compromised by cyber bad guys – most of those will be the public face of one SME or others. >more