Business Network Support for Easier Business Administration and Communication

Business Network Support for Easier Business Administration and Communication

Any organization’s day-to-day operations entail extensive internal and external communication. A business network support system aids in streamlining different communication channels and facilitating resource sharing, such as transfer of files and business documents. In fact, setting up a business network is one of the initial steps in developing an organizational IT system.

Business Network Support for Different-Sized Organizations

Business networks are essentially of two types, peer-to-peer and client/server. In a peer-to-peer network system, each computer within the network acts as a client as well as a server. This enables each computer to exchange files and e-mails directly with every other computer on the business network. This implies that the access to personal files is within the control of each individual user. Such a business network support system is feasible for small businesses.

However, for larger organizations that have bigger volumes of transfer, the client/server network system is indispensable. In such a setup, a high-powered central computer, or the server, acts as the focal point of the business network. This server is connected to other workstations, which do not have full access to personal files.

It is also worth noting that peer-to-peer and client/server business networks are either encompassed in a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN). The former usually has a smaller coverage, such as a school or a residence, and offers better data-transfer speed. The latter covers a bigger geography, such as a university or a commercial complex.

Business Network Support: Weighing the Pros and Cons

The principal benefit of setting up business network support is convenience and flexibility. It enables access to common network resource from any convenient location inside the primary networking environment. This, in turn, helps to increase productivity, as users can maintain a constant affiliation within their desired network. For a business, this means that employees can get more work done, faster.

However, there is a flipside to business networks. Since these networks are designed to transfer data using radio frequencies, poor signals may result in loss of information. Besides the data transmitters are not 100% secure, and there is a possibility of data theft.

Whatever the needs of your company might be, establishing a business network system is imperative for its growth. A well-planned local area or wide area network will not only increase organizational efficiency and control, but will also ensure security of confidential information.

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