5 TEDx speakers who are changing the world with technology

ted_percentoTEDx Sydney, an offshoot from the world famous TED Talks, is taking over the Sydney Opera House on May 21. As has come to be expected with the ideas incubator, the festival is bringing with it a bunch of innovative characters — who are taking a creative axe to the tech scene and helping to reshape the world.

Mashable Australia got in touch with a selection of the human disruptors that plan on spreading some insightful ideas around technology at this year’s TEDx conference in Sydney.

French-born Pauly is well known for his work studying the human impact on marine ecosystems and global fisheries. The use for technology in marine science has changed over the years — initially it was used to find and catch fish, but now it is being used for good by identifying and tracking vessels operating illegally in the waters of developing countries.

Pauly said he became involved with this line of work to create a more even playing field between developed and developing countries.

He believes that Geographic Information systems — or computer mapping — have changed the way fisheries operate. “We realise now they are not benign locally constrained activities, but part of a global system that is modifying the manner in which marine ecosystems are structured and function,” he said. >more