Managed Cloud

At Percento Technologies, our simple integration process, security, and efficiency can give your business the overall managed cloud

experience you are looking for. When you begin a partnership with Percento for managed cloud services, you will have access to both our cloud solutions and an IT department.

As your managed cloud provider, we will control your public, private or hybrid clouds. Partnering with Percento will allow your business to focus less on your cloud and more on your business. Our team has knowledge is the newest managed cloud hosting services so you can
ensure your cloud infrastructure is working properly and securely. Our professionals will monitor your cloud’s metrics and provide proactive security to data located inside your cloud. Your business no longer has to worry about facing downtime or technical glitches in your system.

With our cloud service management, we can assist your business in deciding what type of cloud services your business will benefit from the most. The types of cloud services we offer are:

Public Cloud

  • Offers the greatest scalability, and the ability to respond to changes and growth in your business.

Private Cloud

  • Offers enhanced security and customization for your business or compliance needs.

Hybrid Cloud

  • Offers the flexibility to integrate cloud systems with your existing physical servers, to leverage your IT investment.

One advantage of a using managed cloud as opposed to a certain private or public cloud is that you are receiving an affordable option that has maintenance, security checks, and a fast response to any issues.

You can count on Percento Technologies to manage your cloud services. Stop worrying about your server glitches and how to recover from downtime. Contact us today to learn more about our managed cloud services and the other IT services we offer. We look forward to hearing from you!

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