What Comcast’s buyout of Time Warner Cable means for you

comComcast and Time Warner Cable, the country’s biggest cable companies, on Thursday agreed to unite in a $45 billion deal that will create a pay-television giant with approximately 30 million subscribers, controlling nearly a third of the pay-TV market and more than half of the market for “triple play” packages combining video, Internet, and voice telecom services.

It’s a huge deal, if it survives. It would mean a payday for Time Warner, massive new reach for Comcast, and a shift in the balance of power between distributors and video programmers — but what does it mean for consumers?

Time Warner Cable subscribers would see the biggest changes, but the implications of the takeover could touch people with no ties to Comcast or TWC. To help readers get a better understanding of what the takeover means and to get a handle on what it means for you, CNET has put together this FAQ.  More