Technology is Making Construction Safer: Here’s How

Construction TechnologyTechnology is constantly improving our lives including making construction safer. People working at construction sites are exposed to a variety of risks. This includes the risk of electrocution due to bad wiring, the risk of slips and falls, and the potential for respiratory tract problems due to toxic airborne fibers or asbestos. It also includes, the risk of crushing injuries due to moving and falling objects and risk of on-site accidents due to moving vehicles that are dangerous to maneuver. In short, a lot can go wrong at construction sites including serious injuries and even death. The good news is that technology is helping to mitigate these risks and make construction safer.

Technology and Safer Constructions Sites

Safe construction sites lead to better productivity which ultimately leads to increased profits. With increased construction safety, construction businesses can lower the money spent on repairing damaged equipment, lower insurance premiums, and save time lost due to accidents. All this will result in reduced costs and increased revenues.

Traditionally, construction businesses haven’t been big on adopting the latest technology. However, as mentioned above, people working at construction sites are exposed to a variety of risks. So, if you want to lower construction accidents, decrease costs and increases profits then you must be open to adopting technology that makes construction safer. To help you better understand the importance of technology in construction, following are some of the ways technology is making construction safer.

Centralized Safety Reports

To file safety reports, most construction sites still use paper.  This in turn makes it extremely difficult for site managers to access the information required to determine the optimal ways of making sites safer.  The good news is that things have started to change. Today, a new trend is emerging—more and more constructions sites are starting to enter safety reports into a computer database. And, future innovations are predicted to take that innovation to the next level.

Today, there are computer programs that monitor trends for site managers after gathering all safety reports generated in a certain region. With this kind of information at their disposal, site managers can make decisions that’ll ensure worker safety and help avoid safety issues that have occurred repeatedly in the past.

Drones in the Air

The demand for drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), for commercial use has increased significantly ever since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) established rules and regulations for their use in 2016. Ranging from surveillance to inspecting structures, drones are being used on construction work sites for a variety of purposes. More importantly, they’re being used to make construction safer. By identifying potential hazards each day and quickly performing work site inspections, drones make construction sites safer. Moreover, they ensure the safety of construction workers by allowing supervisors to monitor workers throughout the day.

Wearables On the Field

By enabling the tracking and monitoring of people working in hazardous environment, wearable technology makes work sites such as construction sites safer. Seeing the ability of wearable technology to make work sites safer, businesses across the globe are implementing it in their work environment. With the help of wearable technology, businesses are able to detect red flags such as gas, heat, lack of movement, etc.

In case a problem is detected, close- by co-workers and management would be automatically alerted. This will increase the chances of a worker receiving immediate medical attention which in turn will increases his/her chances of recover and/or survival. In short, wearable technology can help you to detect an accident or injury at a construction site before it occurs which makes the construction sites safer.

Mobile Technology

Construction TechnologyYes, you heard that right—something as simple as a smartphone are making construction sites safer. Smartphones combined with cloud technology and mobile app are fully digitizing the construction safety processes. With an alternative in smartphones, contractors no longer need to wait several weeks to get phone service to a work site. And, these smartphones as well as tablets can be used to make construction jobs safer.

With mobile technology, both safety checklists and approvals can be completed in real time. For example, a worker who needs to carry out dangerous work at a large height has to acquire a work permit to start the job. To get the permit, he has to go through several safety checks on the software. Only after he’s progressed through those checks, the worker will be issued a permit to work. This processed information is then digitally shared with management, supervisors and co-workers.

This digitization of safety processes via mobile devices ensures smarter output, increased productivity and real time detection of conflicting activities.  According to, a company that develops innovative mobile solutions for project teams, many contractors are using mobile technology to provide site managers with important information and ensure that everyone at the construction site understands the flow of work.

As they’re aware of what everyone at the construction site is doing, workers can avoid the collisions and accidents that are a common occurrence at construction sites.

Driverless Trucks

You may or may not know this but driverless trucks are now a reality. In 2015, Royal Truck & Equipment, Inc., a company that offers used trucks to businesses, unveiled its driverless truck. By handling jobs prone to accidents such as installing a traffic signal, inspecting a bridge or blacktopping a road, the driverless truck of Royal Truck & Equipment makes many labor-intensive jobs safer. This includes the work done at construction sites.

There you have it—how technology is making construction safer. In addition to improving the things around us, technology is making them safer. This includes safer construction sites. The aforementioned-things are just a few of the many ways technology is making construction safer.

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