Tackling Post-Disaster IT Recovery

Disaster IT RecoveryThe recent damage that Texans faced after Hurricane Harvey showed businesses across the country the threats that they face. As one of the most expensive storms in US history, this storm affected an economy that was valued at $600 billion. Major industries taking a hit include shipping, oil & gas, chemicals, insurance, and agriculture. Now that the flood waters are slowly receding, business owners will finally be able to enter their businesses and begin the process of recovering and rebuilding.


Unfortunately, if the proper steps weren’t taken to prepare for this type of emergency it will be hard to recover. Information that is only stored on-site will be easily lost if these servers come into contact with water, are overheated, lose power, etc. The first step to recovering all other data is taking an inventory of all of the information that survived. This can be found in previous emails, which are often cloud based, and online in software designed for collaboration or sharing. Once all of this information is collected, it will be a priority to organize it and update customers and team members on the status of lost data. Depending on what type of information was stored, there will be unique notification requirements. For example, lost medical data will be governed by different HIPAA regulations than lost payment information. It is best to consult a legal advisor before proceeding with these steps in order to ensure compliance.


The next step in recovery is to take a proactive approach in order to prevent the same issues from recurring. It is important to consult with an expert in order to ensure the proper steps are taken to protect your business and customers. The following are a few simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risks your business’ IT infrastructure faces:

Offsite Storage

While many companies are comfortable managing their servers, there is no way to guarantee the safety of a single storage space. Storing this information off-site will help your business have a duplicate copy of server information. Additionally, off-site server facilities typically have strict security measDisaster IT Recoveryures in place. This includes not only the proper temperature controls and power sources for the servers, but also strict security measures for the facility itself. Technology such as access control and security cameras will prevent the theft of this information.

Cloud Technology

By implementing a cloud infrastructure before the disaster, your company will have a backup of the stored information securely online. There are many different applications of cloud technology which each store and manage separate parts of the infrastructure. Popular examples include software as a service, which stores software programs and infrastructure as a service, which stores company data much like a server.  After a disaster, this information will be able to be accessed as soon as it can be downloaded from the cloud to a connected device. This means that from a safe location, the information can be accessed and managed during the time of the disaster and shortly after.


It is critical that not only are these precautions put into place, but also that they are tested frequently. These tests will ensure that the recovery will be quickly accessed and produce full results. These tests can also help businesses ensure that their IT provider is trustworthy and performing adequately. If there are any errors in the backups, this will provide a great opportunity to fix them.

For cities across the “hurricane highway” and across the country that face the threat of natural disasters, it is clear that there are many precautions that can help create a proactive IT system. If natural disasters do occur without the proper preparation, companies will be forced to attempt to recover without their critical information. To learn more about the steps your company should take to protect its future, contact us today.

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