‘Dorothy’ Wearable Device Lets You Escape Blind Dates By Clicking Your Heels

dorSelect “Receive a call,” and your foot movement will trigger a call to come in to your phone — perfect, as iStrategyLabs notes, for when you’re “stuck in an awkward situation, praying your phone would ring so you could politely extract yourself[.]“

Select “Text 3 friends,” and you’ll be able to stealthily send a message to three pre-selected pals, notifying them of your current location.

The company also writes, “Soon, we’ll be working toward summoning an Uber,” which sounds like it’d make for a fabulous stealthy getaway technique.

But Dorothy isn’t all about escaping blind dates; the website also says they’re working on a way to let you click your heels and automatically order a pizza, which, quite frankly, sounds amazing.  More