Facebook announces Facebook Paper

paperFacebook Paper is a magazine style visual news reader and aggregator that will become available on February 3. Facebook announced the new app for mobile devices today and some of the features I’ve seen put it squarely in competition with other visual newsreaders like Flipboard.

What does it do? While I don’t have any hands-on experience yet with Paper, it looks like a new way of browsing the latest news that defaults to your Facebook news feed. It displays stories in a new way with individual Facebook statuses across the bottom that you can swipe horizontally to browse. But if you swipe a friend’s status upward, it zooms in to your friends latest status and lets you swipe vertically to browse more of the story (whether that’s multiple photos, written words, or just comments from other friends).

Initially, it looks like it could be a completely new way to browse Facebook, though at this time it’s hard to say if it’s something we’ll eventually see in the official Facebook app.  More