Feds make it even harder for telemarketers to annoy you

teleFederal regulators just made it harder for telemarketers to interrupt your family dinners and jam your mobile phone with unwanted text messages by passing strict new rules that will give consumers more ways to opt out and block unwanted messages and prerecorded, automated robocalls.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says: “You cannot be called unless you consent to be called. The consumer should be in control.”FCC

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 Thursday to adopt rules that close loopholes in the law that have allowed marketers and others to continue annoying customers with unwanted calls and text messages despite a federal law that is meant to prevent this kind of behavior.

Specifically, the new rules will allow consumers to put a stop to unwanted messages simply by telling companies not to call again or by any other “reasonable way” rather than filing a written form. The new rules also pave the way for phone companies to offer consumers a service to block robocalls. And the rules establish stricter definitions for “autodialing” to ensure that telemarketers can’t skirt the law.  More