Ford launches car that prevents you from speeding

fordIt’s called Intelligent Speed Limiter. You might choose to think of it as the most wonderful, helpful backseat driver. It was announced by Ford of Europe in a blog post and a pulsating YouTube video.

What might you imagine that an Intelligent Speed Limiter would do? Well, in Ford’s words it “monitors road signs with a camera mounted on the windscreen, and slows the vehicle as required.”

As required by the technology and the law, you understand. Although the blog post announcing it tantalized drivers with the headline: “Could this spell the end for speeding tickets?”

Yes, your car might have its own independent straitjacket, but think of the money you’ll save.

I’m being unusually unfair. The car in which it’s being launched — Ford’s S-Max — allows you to turn the speed-limiting intelligence on and off. This is not, like Google’s idea of self-driving cars, compulsory.

But how will it feel when you’ve forgotten it’s on and you suddenly grind to a crawl at 2 a.m? Of course I don’t condone speeding. But there’s a certain controlling element to this that some might find uncomfortable.  More