The Future of User Interface (UI) – Check it out!

User Interface (UI)User interface, also known as UI, is the presentation and interactivity of a brand. This is a broad term which encompasses the product’s many factors into the user experience to make it attractive and responsive to (potential) customers. This differs from user experience, or UX, which is the more analytical and technical design process. Both of these designs must work together in order to create a successful user experience. As today’s users are becoming more dependent on technology, there will be many changes in the way UI is designed and received.

  • Hapnotic feedback is the user’s sense of touch when using the interface. Brands will begin to create more engaging tactile experiences to persuade a person to buy a product or dissuade them from exiting the screen. Companies use electro vibrations to create pulses and vibrations for the user which can mimic different textures and depths. Other companies achieve this effect through the use of ultrasound speakers.
  • In previous years, user experiences were designed to be linear and simple. Now, advancing technology is giving users multiple ways of interacting and achieving a goal. The process of giving users more control is known as de-linearity. This includes being able to go back by pressing the traditional back button or by swiping left. However, designers must be careful to not overwhelm or confuse users.
  • Age responsiveness is the ability of websites to adapt to the age and interests of its users. All of this information is likely being tracked from your computer usage so it should be no surprise that not only will ads fit your lifestyle but other websites will as well. Customization will include smaller text and more bright colors for teens and adults and a more simple design for pre-teen and younger users.
  • Microinteractions are the animations which communicate status, provide feedback, and help users visualize their actions. Common examples of these include a notification that an item has been added to a cart, a pull-to-refresh option, and a toggle button. When these are designed stylistically similar, they create a more user friendly experience which can help shape the behavior of users.

Advancing technology is bringing more capabilities every day that enhance the interactions users have with brands. With these additional abilities, it will be important for brands to keep a consistent look and to not overwhelm users. Our team is excited to learn more about the process of creating a successful UI and incorporating those skills into our website design services. For more information on our design capabilities, visit our website.