Google and Apple Compete In Smartphone-Car Integration Race

in-car-technologyWith the launch of Android Autos, Google Inc.  has finally entered the car-smartphone integration race. Apple Inc.  had announced its entry in the sector a little earlier. It launched the new service, Apple Carplay, at the WWDC in June. The news was first reported by Beta Boston.

Through Android Auto, Google will allow users to sync their Android powered smartphone with the car’s electronics, allowing for a navigation map on the car’s touchscreen. The user can also play music directly from the Internet through their car’s audio system.

It should be noted that Apple’s CarPlay also works in a similar manner. It allows users to make phone calls, using Apple’s voice-control-system, Siri, and even play music from iTunes.

Automakers such as General Motors, Honda Motor Co Ltd, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and others are also getting onboard with the project. GM is planning to offer both Android Auto and CarPlay in 14 of its 2016 Chevrolet models. On higher-end Sonata Sedans Hyundai will offer Android Auto, as part of a free software upgrade.

However, Google and Apple are not the only contenders in the car-phone integration game. Independent consortium, MirrorLink, is also part of the race. IHS Automotive, a market research firm, predicts that Android Auto and CarPlay will continue to dominate the segment. IHS estimates that smartphone-integrated car sales will reach 85 million units by 2020. According to the research firm, Google will receive 36% of the total share, while Apple will get 43%. >more