Google Fiber bulks up with 9 more regions

fiberGoogle Fiber could be coming to your hometown, a move that feels a bit like playing in the bandwidth lottery, as the company announced on Wednesday nine more locales that are being considered for its gigabit Internet network.

The nine regions cover 34 cities, and include San Jose, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Phoenix, Ariz.; Atlanta, Ga.; Nashville, Tenn.; San Antonio, Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; and Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

Heather Burnett Gold, the president of Fiber to the Home Council of North America, said that the announcement indicates that the United States is at a tipping point towards greater gigabit network adoption.

“We’re starting to see gigabit envy,” she said, as more cities become interested in the benefits of gigabit networks. “Google’s going to work with all these communities simultaneously, building a compendium of best practices.”

Speaking with CNET from a Fiber to the Home conference in Stockholm, Sweden, she said that analysts there think that the US will have gigabit speeds available to 14 to 20 percent of its citizens by 2019.  More