Google: Glass can cause headaches, but it’s not our fault

glass googleIf you poke yourself in the eye with the corner of your iPad, that’s likely your fault.

If you swallow your Samsung Galaxy S5 during a drunken dare, you surely can’t blame anyone else.

But what if you buy Google Glass, wear it and discover you get headaches. Whose fault is it then?

After Technically Incorrect raised the issue of Google Glass and headaches earlier this year, Google responded by saying that it would be silly to wear Glass for hours on end.

Yet when people buy new, shiny, expensive things they like to play with them to excess. People aren’t as smart as Google engineers.

This week, Google’s optometrist, Dr. Eli Peli, reiterated to Betabeat that wearing Glass for the first time is no different than wearing any other glasses for the first time.  More