Google’s music event plus Buzz Out Loud

googleThe event is expected to bring the launch of Google‘s online music download store, the latest such digital storefront from the search giant. Google already operates a digital store for books, as well as for software applications on both its Android and Chrome platforms.

The new service will play into Google’s existing music offering, a beta service that lets users store digital copies of their music tracks on the company’s servers.

Alongside the formal launch of that service, Google is expected to unveil deals with most of the big record companies to sell digital music downloads from those catalogs. Purchased tracks can then be accessed from both the Web and on mobile devices, including those running Google’s Android operating system.

There may be more too. CNET broke the news that Google will add extra social features on top of its store. According to the Wall Street Journal, that social feature will include letting users share tracks they’ve purchased with their friends on Google’s social network Google+.

The press event kicks off at 2 p.m. Pacific, and Google is providing a live stream of it at As usual, we’ll be using Cover it Live to bring you updates and photos from the press conference as it’s happening. Just bookmark this page and come back to it Wednesday afternoon, or sign up to get an e-mail reminder just ahead of the start. Plus: We’ll have running commentary in a special Google Music segment on Buzz Out Loud.