Gov’t takedown requests increased 68%, says Google in its latest transparency report

googleCensorship seems to be one of Google’s biggest concerns. The company released its transparency report today after fielding thousands of takedown requests from governments around the world.

And based on the report, the trend is only getting worse.

Since 2010, Google has released eight transparency reports detailing government requests to take down this content. These requests come through law enforcement, individual politicians, court orders, and more. The company explained in a blog post that it is effectively being bullied by some of these entities to remove information.

Google says the number of requests has increased by 68 percent since the second half of 2012, which is a considerable amount. In total, Google received 3,846 takedown requests that affected 24,737 piece of content.

The U.S. contributed 545 requests to this total, which is a 70 percent increase over its total in the last reporting period. Defamation remains the biggest reason for takedown requests coming out of the U.S. >more