Green Domination – Apps for a Healthier Environment

With the preoccupation of the world with advancement and innovation, the counter effects on the environment go unnoticed. Though there are organizations working for environmental Man with laptop on the mountainsawareness, the challenges are far bigger than what a handful of people can handle. Some considerate souls have resorted to a paradoxical solution; the impact of technology on environment to be addressed through technology itself. A number of apps have been developed to make the planet a better place.  Changes don’t occur overnight; hence, some developers have created a range of apps that make it possible to make the plant more sustainable though baby steps.

WWF Together

The phenomenal service to the world that the World Wildlife Fund provides has been always appreciated and they have proved their commitment to the conservation of endangered species of the world time and again. Their unfaltering mission is quite evident though their audio-visual app which showcases their momentous efforts and also covers small articles of their missions to help the species at risk. It also brings forth the mass effect of human activity and climate alterations on the lives of endangered animals.


GoodGuide has a massive online database of 50,000 products, and guides you through your shopping experience to keep it environment friendly and clean.  The app rates products on health, environment, impact and social impact on a scale from 0 to 10 which can assist buyers to make eco-friendly purchasing decisions.  It is very well received in USA and has a good credibility there.  You can decide by the environmental ratings whether you want to buy the product or not. The barcode scanning option provides added convenience.

Commute Greener

If you want to keep a check on your greenhouse-gas emissions and fuel consumption, this is the go-to app for you. The guilt of harming the environment is austerely controlled when you know the amount of emissions you have made, be it through motor cycle, car, or any other means of commute. The tweaking option isn’t that great, but the smooth syncing option with Commute Green’s website is a win-win along with the competitive touch of comparing you impact to others’.

Skeptical Science

Winning against skeptics is a tough one. But Skeptical Science does a decently amazing job at it. Follow this app and never again will you be left without a counter argument on any scientific matter because they lay down the scientific arguments as plainly as they could be and then provide an equally rigorous and well graphed counter argument to it. The option to send an argument to the team to counter back in detail is a cherry on the top.


Oroeco is like a megastore down the street from which you can get anything and everything, basically. From deciding what choices to make in order to minimize your impact on the environment, what to eat and what not to drink, which place to go for shopping to and what to buy that helps minimize environmental damage, everything is available at the Oroeco app.

Percento Greenness.