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We provide computer support through our Help Desk Services to quickly troubleshoot your issues. The Help Desk employs remote technologies that allow us to address these issues in real time. Our computer support company offers help Help Desk Servicesdesk services for all computer related issues, including desktops, laptops, peripherals (such as printers), PDAs, servers, switches, backup systems, firewalls and more. Additionally, we assist with software issues, including interfacing with another computer support vendor to resolve problems.

We believe that IT monitoring and preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid potential issues. We monitor our clients’ networks to protect against threats and eliminate problems before they occur. We immediately identify potential system vulnerabilities and work to strengthen your IT infrastructure. Preventative maintenance is an important strategy to keep your systems operating at maximum efficiency. This paves the way for a greater return on investment and better use of company resources.

Information technology in the global marketplace has resulted in businesses implementing increasingly complex business processes, software, and other applications. Maintenance, monitoring and computer support services from Percento Technologies can help you address IT related inefficiencies in your current systems. Is your organization ready to optimize the use of its available resources? Give us a call to learn more about our computer support company and how our help desk services can help you.

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Percento Proactive Agreements™ Support Agreements

Realizing that IT systems have become an essential business tool in today’s technological world, Percento Technologies provides a form of complete care that is often overlooked by IT Support Groups.

The Percento Proactive Agreement™ provides ongoing IT support, IT maintenance, and the full optimization of equipment to keep your organization operating efficiently. We provide support for IT infrastructures used to increase productivity, manage workflow, communicate both internally and with clients, and replace a host of other traditional business systems across all industries.

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