Here is how technology is changing the restaurant industry

Woman using NFC technology when paying in restaurant

Today, technology is an ever-present part of our life. Regardless of where we are, technology is always by our side. Whether we consider individuals or big organizations, technology has changed the way things are done. Technology has affected everyone including the restaurant industry. For long, success in the restaurant industry has been tied to scrumptious food and great customer service. However, of late, a new player has entered the fray and that player is technology.

Today, many restaurants are using technology to woo people and better customer service. In the restaurant industry, technology has rapidly evolved in the past few years. Today, technology is used for much more than taking orders. Today, technology is helping restaurants to better productivity, sales, and customer service. As it’s in massive demand, Wi-Fi is offered by most restaurants today. Recently revealed statistics show that compared to 40% offering Wi-Fi in 2011, 70% restaurants in the United States made Wi-Fi available in 2015. This is an increase of 30% in just four years. This clearly shows the importance of technology in the restaurant industry.

Whether you want to make online reservations, pay bills, or find out about the latest offerings, technology in the restaurant industry has made things simple. Technology is improving customer experience and increasing profitability for restaurants. How is technology doing that? Let’s take a look.

Ordering through the website

Customers no longer need to call a restaurant or pay it a visit to get the food they want delivered to them. In the not so distant past, restaurant websites were nothing more than sources of information. However, that is no longer the case. Most of the restaurants today ensure that their websites allow people to place orders and make reservations. Whether you want to book a table for ten or want to host a party for hundreds, you can easily book your order through a restaurant’s website.

Making reservations on the goWoman with credit card swipe through terminal for sale - Percento

Today, many restaurants offer smart phone applications. There are two benefits of this. Firstly, since almost everyone has a smart phone, people can make reservations on the go. Secondly, smart phone applications allow restaurants to send alerts to their customers about new cuisines, discounts, changes in ambiance, new locations etc.

Turning first time visitors into regular customers

Believe it or not, there are softwares that allow restaurants to record the name and food of first time visitors. Restaurants use this technology to record the preference of customers. For example, this technology allows restaurants to know that a particular customer prefers still water over sparkling water. Therefore, whenever the customer visits the restaurant, the restaurant staff will make sure to serve him or her still water over sparkling water. This is likely to spur the customer to keep coming back. Therefore, by using technology, restaurants can turn first time visitors into regular customers.

Technology is significantly changing the restaurant industry. Therefore, foodies and people in the restaurant industry must understand and embrace technology wholeheartedly!

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