The Hive wants to sell (or lease) you a modular pocket PC

amplicityComputers for most people are getting smaller, but at the same time creative professionals (and talented amateurs) require ever more storage space and graphics power for storing, editing and rendering high-definition content.

A new PC venture named The Hive aims to fulfill both goals with a modular computer system called Amplicity. The Hive is a sister company to tablet-maker Fuhu, both of which were founded by John Hui, who previously founded eMachines and at one time owned the Packard Bell brand.

Amplicity starts with a very slim, small PC — the company calls it a “pocket PC” — and grows from there. One version, called Amplicity by The Hive, is built around an Intel Core M processor inside a tiny chassis about the size of a phablet. A second version, called Amplicity Anywhere, is aimed at what the company calls “the aspiring content creator,” and uses an Intel Atom CPU. >more