How Amazon Is Dominating The Market is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company who is dominating the market. Founded in 1994 in Seattle, Washington, the company originally sold books. Today, they sell everything from silverware to shoes and have a subscription service, known as Prime, which allows users extra perks. The Prime subscription is so popular that some estimate there are more than 66 million subscribers. This could be because the company considers itself “customer-obsessed” or that there are such a large number of retailers utilizing this site, and today’s blog will dive deeper into the reasons for this success.


Amazon prides itself on its company culture and provides numerous opportunities and benefits. Although the company has been criticized for its expectations being unreasonably high, that claim was later refuted. Benefits include quality healthcare and finical compensation as well as employee assistance programs which include child and elder care and adoption expense reimbursement and also time off programs that include generous parental benefits. Today, the company boasts over 269,000 employees worldwide.


Amazon has almost 200 facilities around the world and 54 facilities in North America alone. The company also has “one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world” to help their retailers meet shipping needs. This is necessary for many retailers because many products are available for two-day shipping with free returns to Prime members.

Specialty Products

Amazon Dash Buttons

In order to make ordering easier than ever, Amazon offers Dash Buttons which are physical buttons customers can push to order household and office items, groceries, baby and pet items, and more. These devices are WiFi-connected and are exclusive to Prime Members so the products will arrive within two days and have free shipping.

Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that provides more than 70 services. These include storage, security, analytics, mobile services, game development, and more.  With this amount of capabilities, the company is able to support 1 million + customers in almost 200 countries. Companies using this include enterprises such as Expedia and Kelloggs, Start-ups including Airbnb and Spotify, and public companies such as the Public Broadcasting System and Center for Disease Control.


The company has its own brand of affordable products such as USB cables, power strips, and batteries. This allows them to generate more revenue and customers appreciate the lower cost of these items.


Although this selection is not yet available in all markets, AmazonFresh offers grocery delivery service including fresh fruit, dairy and eggs, household supplies, and more. The company even delivers prepared foods including salad kits and a variety of meal kits. Shoppers can choose their own delivery times to ensure the food is kept at proper temperatures.

Amazon allows users to stream and purchase music, movies, and shows, some of which is created. The original content has even received Emmy Awards. Because of this success, the company is accepting scripts and ideas from aspiring writers as well as WGA members. AmazonStoryWriter is a free, cloud-based screenwriting app developed by the company that allows users to store, access, and share their work more easily and create content that will be automatically formatted.

Amazon WarehouseDeals

For all the bargain shoppers, Amazon created a way to access deals on open-box and pre-owned products. These items include cellphones, computers, home products, video games, and more! Even though these products are bargains, most are still eligible for the traditional return policy and Prime’s free shipping.

Amazon Cash

For users who want to use cash rather than a credit card for Amazon products, Amazon has created AmazonCash. This allows users to receive a personal barcode which can be accessed via mobile or printed and loaded at select retailers.

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