How Wearable Technology Can — And Will — Change Your Business

apple_woman_watchIn recent years, wearable technology has become a hot topic in the tech industry. With its tight relationship with the Internet of Things, many insiders have designated wearables for business as the next big thing. But while the most talked-about new wearable technologies—such as theApple iWatch and Google Glass—are either not yet widely available, or are only just beginning to make their way into customers’ hands, there are many other wearable products that have already established themselves in the market.

To many users, these new devices are often categorized as fun novelties and interesting gadgets, but others see them for what they really are: a game-changing influence with the potential to utterly disrupt the modern business world . As such, we’ve recently launched Salesforce Wear, a development platform that can be used for creating business apps for Android Wear, ARM, Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, and Samsung, as well as other devices.

But while it’s apparent that the first wave of business-centric wearable technologies has already made an impact on organizations large and small, it’s not quite as obvious what that impact actually is. Here are a few key points to keep in mind.

Higher Productivity, Better Bottom Line

During the formative years of the wearable technology boom, marketing was centered almost entirely on consumers. However, recent trends indicate that giants in the wearable tech industry are now designing their products with business applications in mind. The recent wearable tech influx in the business world was launched with the promise of improving workplace productivity and the overall efficiency of organizations.

Companies in the field service industry have already seen the impact of wearable technology, with technicians donning wearable cameras while out in the field. Wearable “smart glasses” allow many of today’s leading field companies to solve issues faster, thus saving millions. Some of the most popular wearable devices, such as those used to look inside patients’ veins, are being implemented in other industries. Construction workers are using this wearable technology to easily see inside piping and walls. >more

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