IllumiBowl turns your toilet into a color-changing party light

IllumiBowlNighttime trips to the bathroom can be fraught with peril as you run a dark gauntlet of obstacles ranging from cats to locating the toilet itself. Sure, you can turn on the lights and sear your eyes with the sudden illumination. You could also install a nightlight somewhere in the restroom, but that’s not much fun. How about lighting up the toilet bowl instead? IllumiBowl on Kickstarter places a nightlight right onto your toilet.

Toilet lights aren’t a new concept. Kohler offers a Nightlight toilet seat with blue LEDs that costs $83. The IllumiBowl will set you back only $15 for a pledge. It also has the advantage of using a color-changing LED, so the light will slowly rotate through different colors every few seconds. This will be especially perfect if you ever plan on hosting a dance party in your bathroom.

IllumiBowl fits under your toilet seat, attaching with suction to the outside of the toilet bowl rim while a hook reaches over the edge to provide the light inside. Motion detection senses when a visitor arrives. The light turns on automatically and turns off once you’re gone.  More