Implementing New Technologies to Enhance Your Business

When computers were invented for the first time, many businesses took advantage and started using them to automate their everyday manual tasks. That improved productivity and boosted revenue. The same thing happened when the internet was born. And now a new wave of technologies is upon us, one that will change the face of the business world forever.

Most businesses have already adopted these new technologies to improve their marketing, product development, and customer retention and engagement tactics. However, there are still some which haven’t especially small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to take your business to warp speeds, here are some of the most important technological advancements you need to incorporate.

·    Cloud Computing

Simply put, cloud computing offers hardware and software services through the internet. It has revolutionized the way businesses are being conducted. When you shift your business to the cloud, your technological capital costs are reduced as you won’t have to deal with hardware and software maintenance, for example. This happens because cloud services offer inexpensive storage, processing, and network solutions.

It’s more secure and you will observe an increase in productivity, which will increase your revenue.

·    Mobile Applications

Mobile phones have changed our lives and they have indeed shaped the way businesses are run. Before the advent of the smartphone, mobile phones were only used for calling and texting. When the smartphone arrived, businesses started developing applications to offer their services to customers constantly on the move.

Nowadays, mobile apps are used for trading, buying products or services, etc. People want business websites to be available on their mobile phones as well; hence, you should start developing mobile-optimized websites and appealing apps if you want to expand your reach and boost your sales.

·   VoIP Apps

You might be using apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Viber, etc. These are VoIP applications or voice-over-IP applications; in layman terms, it means communicating with another person over the internet. Such apps have taken over the world by storm because it reduces your monthly phone bills.

Businesses are also using VoIP apps like HipChat and Slack for real-time communication; this has cut down their monthly communication costs and has decreased email volumes.

·   Video-based Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is the goal of every business and customer support goes a long way in influencing it. Of course, providing customer support through live chats and telephone calls is a good way to connect to your customers; on the flipside, using live videos to deliver customer support changes everything.

When your customers can talk to representatives through face-to-face interaction, it engages them and boosts customer satisfaction levels through the roof. Furthermore, it streamlines the entire process by providing faster solutions and lesser confusion.

·    Software

Businesses have started using advanced software solutions like accounting software, inventory management software, web-based catalogs, database management systems, interactive websites, and customer relationship management systems. Incorporating such software will increase your business productivity and improve the workflow.

Technology is also utilized in enhancing the marketing of products or services like using videos for promoting a product. Mobile devices like tablets are often used to offer instant customer support. And let’s not forget using social media platforms to attract potential customers and obtain more exposure for goods and services. Combining all of these will ensure your business takes off at the speed of light!

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