Information Technology Company

Percento Technologies is an Information Technology company. We provide a full range of information technology outsourcing solutions, such as managed IT services, information technology consulting services, IT monitoring and maintenance, and other services. Our consultants can help you plan and implement a system that is tailored to the specific requirements of your business and includes the information technology services you need.

Information technology consulting services involve strategic consulting to help you avoid unforeseen expenses and maximize return on investment. Our consultants begin by mapping your systems and understand your projected growth to determine your future needs. Using this information, we create a plan, so the network scales with your organization as your company continues to grow in the future.

Information technology outsourcing has additional benefits, such as a greater return on investment, enhanced security and increased equipment lifecycle. Services like monitoring and performance management help to ensure your company’s resources are allocated effectively. This helps to increase efficiency and brings greater return on investment.  We have managed informational technology solutions that can be tailored to your specifications.

Our information technology company offers many other professional services, including IT system audit, disaster recovery planning, asset management, IT integration and more. We offer information technology services to ensure network security and backup solutions to protect your vital information. Percento will review your network to evaluate threat potential and identify areas of vulnerability. We can provide IT monitoring and maintenance through information technology outsourcing to ensure you are always running at optimal capacity and fully protected.