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ios 11Technology giant Apple has recently released the finished version of iOS 11, the latest version of the iOS operating system. The finished version of iOS 11 brings with it all kinds of goodies. Equipped with a ton of new features, the iOS 11 mobile operating system has many custom options that you can use to tailor the experience to your needs. The recent update to the iOS operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, iOS 11 boasts features that will change the way you interact with people, get your news, listen to music, and work on the go.

The iOS 11 boasts more changes than we could cover in this piece. So, what we’ve chosen to do is list the 4 features that we think you’re going to love the most. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 4 changes in iOS 11.


After you install the beta, the first change, and probably the most significant change, that you’ll notice is the new dock. Unlike the old dock where you could have just four to six apps icons, the new dock allows you to have as many as 14 icons. Additionally, the dock can be accessed from any screen, not just the Home Screen(s). This gives you easy access to your favorite apps and you have the option to drag the app icons to the main screen and turn them into a split screen tab.

QR Code Scanner

In the past, you needed to download an often-poorly made third-party app to scan QR codes on an iPhone or iPad. With iOS 11, this is no longer required. You can now scan QR codes on your iPhone or iPad with a QR code scanner built into the native Camera App. Simply open the app, point the iOS device at a QR code, and tap on the drop-down notification to perform the scan. This works whether the QR code to add contact details to your address book, a prompt to join a Wi-Fi network, or a link to a webpage. The feature turns on by default but you can turn it on or off from the Camera section of the Settings app.

One-Handed QuickType Keyboard

iPhone users will find this feature particularly handy. A new optional keyboard layout, the one-handed QuickType keyboard pushes the keys over to one side so that they’re closer to your thumb. This is ideal for one-handed typing. To activate this feature, tap the global icon when you’re using the system keyboard to bring up the palette and select the alternative layout.

Screen Recording

This new feature allows you to do screen recordings. So, if you want to teach your dad how to change his Facebook settings, just record a little video with this feature and send it to him. To activate this feature, go to the settings> control center >customize control, and then add screen recording to your ‘Include’ list. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the record icon to access the feature.

There you have it—the best changes to the iOS operating system in iOS 11. While iOS 11 boasts some amazing features, updating to a new version can be anxiety-inducing. So, to make the adjustment easier for you, we’ve come up with some useful iOS 11 tips and tricks. So, let’s get right into them!

Customize Control Center

Quite different from the one in iOS 10, the iOS 11 control center puts everything on a single page instead of spreading it over multiple cards. Don’t like the default choices? No worries! You can easily customize the Control Center to your liking by going to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls, and the adding and removing items or rearranging the order in which they appear.

Easily Access Your Notifications

In iOS 11, the lock screen and the notification center are merged. You no longer need to swipe down to another notification screen after unlocking your phone. Now, you can swipe down to reveal your lock screen, and see all your notifications separated by day. Swipe the notification to the left to clear or view them and swipe fully to the right to open each one. Also, you can interact with the notification, such a send a reply to an iMessage, by tapping and holding via 3D Touch. Finally, in this new notification center, you can swipe to the left to access your camera, and to the right, to access the Today view.

Type to Siri

You don’t always want to shout to Siri for something you want it to do. With iOS 11, you can breathe a big sigh of relief! IOS 11 gives you the option to type to Siri. Simply go to Settings>General>Accessibility >Siri and enable type to Siri. Long-press the Home button to bring up the keyboard to type to your personal assistant.

Increase Storage Space

There are several new ways to improve your available storage in iOS 11. This includes new, more efficient file formats for photo and video. Now, one way for you to increase storage space in iOS 11 is freeing up storage space by enabling iCloud sync for Messages by going to Settings>Messages> Messages on iCloud and then deleting message attachments from the same page. Additionally, you can use the ‘offload’ apps feature to delete apps while keeping their data.

Scan Documents

You can scan your documents with a feature in the Notes app in iOS 11. Just click on the bottom of the screen and tap ‘scan documents’ to scan a document. The camera will take a photo of the document and add it to your notes.

With the aforementioned-tips and tricks for iOS 11, you can get the most out of iOS device and enhance your overall iOS experience.

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